Tree Trunk Table Treatment

tree trunk tables

Tree trunk table is a good table design for people who love nature so much. This table is made by wood and formed such as a group of wood. Most of this table is made from teak. Teak is chosen because it has a good quality of a wood. This table will give you antique with nature and art atmosphere.

How to Treat a Tree Trunk Table?

To treat a wood table is not easy enough. You should have a smooth towel, wax, and brush. First, you should clean it with your smooth brush. Use a smooth brush is important, so your table will not destroy the wood. After you that, spray the wax into the wood. You should spray it one by one, start from the top of the table, and finish on the bottom of table. For finishing, you can wipe your table with towel.

A Good Treatment to a Trunk Table

To make it good, do the regular cleaning at least once a week. Place your table in a good temperature place. Direct sunrays can damage furniture texture. Give a cloth to keep the dust away.  You should be careful to treat this table because the material is made from wood. You can try it.