Renew Your Own Painted Coffee Tables

painting coffee table

Painted coffee tables make your room so colorful and fresh. To have this painted table, you do not need to buy the new table. You can renew your old coffee table into the new one. It makes you save your money much.

How To Renew Painted Coffee Tables By Your Self?

To renew it, you need to prepare paint, a brush, and your old coffee tables. First, you should rub the old paint down. If you have your old paint rub down, you can paint it with your own color. Then, after the table painted, you can put it under the sun. Thus, the paint will dry by sunrays. You already have your new coffee table after the paint has already dried. Finish.

The Price of Coffee Tables

However, if you want to have your painted table but you do not have the table before, you can buy it on the furniture shop. You should prepare a lot of money to buy it. Think of this, if you buy the new painted table, you should pay around 75.00 USD. Then, if you renew the old table, you just buy the paint and painting stuff, and it cost 25.00 USD only. Here, you can save your money until 50.00 USD.