Cut The Wood With Router Table Top

how to build a router table top

Router table top is a kind of stationary which has a cutter and can be rotated around 3000 until 24.000 rpm. This is used to cut the rough wood into the wood that has smoothened surface. This router is divided into three types. The first is standing floor machines. Then the next is small bench-top machines. The last is accessories bolted into table saws.

The Function of Router Table Top        

Most of this stationary has a function to cut the wood into the good one and has a smooth surface. This smooth area will be designed again with the carver. This stuff sometimes does not produce a lot of dust. It based on the cutter who works on the table top. If you want to reduce the production of dust, you should buy the good table top.

The Good Table Top Is Expensive Enough

You should consider about the fence, the cutter, and how the dust is throw away in this stuff. You need to ask the seller about the plus and minus of this stuff. If you do not understand more, you can read the guidance book to know it better. Please, do not allow your children to use it by their self.