Trestle Dining Table With Simple Look

trestle dining room table

Trestle dining table is going to make the decoration inside of your dining room looks so beautiful all the time. Maybe you have known many kinds of dining table, but this dining table is totally different. The thing that makes it looks beautiful because it has unique legs. Besides, it is really suitable for either big or small dining room. Wondering about it? If so, let’s see.

How to Make Trestle Dining Table?

If you are interested in making this dining table, then you have to follow these steps. The first step is making the legs. Normally, there are two legs on trestle table and the legs are flat. The second step is combining the legs with a long countertop. So, it is really simple because you just need to put the countertop and combine it with the legs.

The Best Wood Especially for Trestle Table

Maybe if you are wondering about the best wood especially for the trestle table, then you have to choose oak wood and teak. Exactly, oak wood is good because it has a soft and strong texture. In addition, teak is the best wood because it is not only strong, but also it is incredible.