Butcher Block Tables For Kitchen

antique butcher block table

Butcher block tables are kinds of table which have a function to block the knife when you are chopping. Just like the name, the table is used especially for butcher to chop the meat. Since it is used to chop the meat, the table should be strong and it should be simple. However, if you want to know more about it, let’s see.

How to Make Butcher Block Tables?

Anyway, to make a butcher block table is really simple because you just need to choose the best wood. Furthermore, the design should not have to be difficult, you just need to design it as simple as you want. The important thing is not about the design, but it is all about the power. Teak can be the best wood which is good for butcher lock table.

The Function of Butcher Block Table

As mentioned above, this table has a function to block the knife when you are chopping meats. Instead of using a dining table and it breaks the table, using this butcher block table is really useful. In addition, you can keep chopping the meat without worrying about the table. So, that is a little bit about butcher block table.