Materials To Make Trestle Table

white trestle table

Trestle table is a type of table which has long upper side and empty on the lower side. Unlike another type of table, trestle table usually has nothing on the lower side so it cannot be used to put magazines, newspaper, or brochure. Trestle table commonly placed on the backyard to accompany chilling with family or friends.

What does trestle table make of?

People usually know about trestle table and not few numbers of them which has this kind of table inside their house or on the backyard. But commonly, not all of people know what the best material to make trestle table is. Well, it is clear that trestle table is made of woods. Best three woods to make trestle table are teak, pine and oak.

Best material of trestle table

Teak, just like the worlwide known is the best material to build everything made of wood. In fact, teak is the best wood we can ask for ‘cause it is long lasting, not brittle and sturdy. But the debility is the price is expensive. In the other hand, pine and oak are good materials to make trestle table either. With low cost for sure. No need to worry about the quality. If you are responsible and willing to take care of the table, with no doubt it will long lasting.